Belinda Lindhardt

Friday, May 30, 2008

On A Journey - Coloured Pencil sketch

"On A Journey" - By Belinda Lindhardt, coloured pencil on A5 Arches paper

I have been watching the sky alot lately, we have been getting some magnificent sunsets and i am fascinated with capturing the light / colours of the sky. I have tried numerous times to paint the sky but none of them have been really successful.
Lately when i have been looking at the sky i have been taking mental notes on colours and how I could the clouds appear real. Yesterday i had a go at doing a sky again, i figure if i keep trying i will "get it"one of these days.

I started experimenting last week with washes of watercolour as i was hoping to "paint" the sky rather than "draw" but i just couldnt get the colours i was wanting with the watercolours so i switched to my cpencils. This is the first time i have really picked them up in a while. I was luckily able to start in the late afternoon and could look out the window at some clouds as the sun stared to set. This was a real luxury !!! i loved it (i had my mum here helping with the kids). Its amazing how quickly the light and the colours change!

What started being a bit of a "cloud study" turned into being quite a nice pic of a little journey. On the recent Artists Open Studio weekend i attended, i remember listening to one of the artists talk about how whenever she uses a road or a path its symbolic of going on a journey, i really really LOVED that idea and wanted to incorporate in something. Being on a bit of journey myself atm both personally and artistically i think it quite fitting :)

Materials: I used arches for this as i was originally intending it to be watercolour, it wasnt the best paper to use for coloured pencils but it highlighted that i really do best on paper or smooth surfaces as opposed to my recent attempts at pieces on board. Hoping to do another coloured pencil piece just have to find some inspiration, i am sure its lying around here somewhere!


Jo Castillo said...

Nice work and beautiful colors.

Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

It's beautiful Belinda. I love the softness. It has almost a look of pastels.
I truly hope your journey is going okay. (((Hugs!)))

Serena said...

You have given it a beautiful softness which does make me think of pastel. Lovely work, Belinda!

Ann said...

Oh Belinda, I LOVE this!!! Please do more like this. Journeys don't always take us where we expect. Sometimes it's to someplace better than we imagined. I'm keeping good thoughts for you and hoping all continues to go well :)